Everyone’s different, some of us need everything to be neat and tidy; others need a bit of chaos to be creative. Modern desktops get cluttered with more than just papers, coffee mugs, and notebooks. We have to contend with all the mess that technology adds to it–phone chargers, monitor, keyboard, or laptop cables, maybe a landline telephone, maybe not. If your office has Wi-Fi, that’s one less wire but many still use a cable. It’s possible to do most or all of it wirelessly… until the battery runs out.

Benefits of a clutter free desk space.

It’s easier to focus on what you’re doing. It gives you space to make a creative mess, if a bit of chaos is part of your process. It means that anyone seeing your working environment will regard you as professional and on the ball. If you are someone who needs a messy desk, you’ll find that not having cables under the scattered papers of text and doodles reduces the number one risk you as a messy desk user will face: the disaster of a spilled cup of coffee.

Taking wires out of the equation

As mentioned above, going wireless has one major drawback–battery life. If your workspace is your desk, cables and wires are nearly unavoidable so you need to look at ways of keeping them under control. Cable ties? That’s one way. Doesn’t stop them sticking out the sides of your desk or hiding under that document you’re about to put your coffee mug down on… The most elegant solution is a cable-port that lets you keep all those pesky wires out of the way and have them come up to your laptop, phone, monitor, or printer from below. What do I mean? Something like the MiniConnect from neets.uk, which you can find on Amazon.