Creative an overlook of your company’s data

Do you know what an IB partner is? In short, it’s a business partner that helps you create an overlook of your company’s data. If you don’t have one in your company, there are two options:

1) You are already getting all the necessary information from your collected data


2) You need one

Data is all-surrounding

Today, consumers often use their personal data as payment. We might not even notice it, but we are asked to share our data daily. Think about it: Have you ever had to accept something, before downloading an app for your phone? Most likely.

Most of us don’t pay any attention to this. We are so used to skipping terms and conditions, that we sometimes automatically press “yes” without even thinking about it.

We are sharing our personal data, even when we are not actively accepting it. Every time you make a pay with your Credit card or update your Facebook status, your personal data is being shared. Even if you search for something on Google. That’s what we mean by saying data is all-surrounding.

Why do we share?

Why do we accept (actively or passively) this sharing of our personal data? Well, first you’d have to limit yourself significantly – compared to your former use of computers, phones and payment methods, if you didn’t want anyone to get access to your data.

Secondly, big companies have figured out how much data it worth. And your compay’s data can be a lot worth, too.

From big data to small data

But before you can conclude something from your data, it must be analyzed. Before data is analyzed and made useful, it’s called big data. This defines data, which is not collected for any specific use.

When the big data is sorted and analyzed, you will be left with small data. A big company can be sitting on a lot of big data, which need to be sorted before being worth anything.

This is where a BI partner comes in handy! They sort out all your data, makes it useful and many BI partners also offer BI maintenance, which means, they do monthly checkups to always keep you updated!