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One of the reasons why Flesh and Blood continues to grow and be healthy is due to diversity. If there was only one viable deck of cards to play, tournaments would stagnate because players would have to play that specific deck, or one built to defeat it. This applies to both Skirmish and Blitz. More information can be found at:

According to the FAB site, the developers goal is to “Our philosophy to card legality has been built into the DNA of our product design and organized play program, and aims to: Create dynamic meta-games for constructed tournament play and Support long term utility of card ownership”

To maintain the health and diversity of the tournament environment, there is a system of restricted and banned lists.

Banned List

With Flesh and Blood being a new game there are still many cards trying to find their place. As a result, there are not too many banished cards. Moreover, certain cards are only banished for certain modes.

As a result, banishment has more to do with deck construction then with a particular card. For example, all decks may only use generic and cards that are of the same class as their hero choice. Therefore, your hero determines which cards are legal and which cards are not.

When it comes to classic, all decks have to be the official retail product if you are entering a tournament. Go Bananas is one of the few truly banned cards that cannot be used in a tournament for either blitz or standard.

This overview is to illustrate that the banishment of cards has more to do with the deck than cards. However, you need to understand two more important things. First, the restricted and banned lists are format-specific. This means that a card banned in Modern may still be legal in Standard. Second, the banished cards are always updated, so stay informed!

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The EDH Commander format is all about having tons of fun playing with your favorite pals and favorite cards. There is the competitive EDH scene, but the game is also great for casual play. The game’s beauty is in the freedom it gives players to use any card and build any deck they want. However, they need to follow the quantity and color rules. You can find more information on that here:


  • Honorable Mention

This is one of the most interesting cards out there. This amazing construct packs a powerful punch by being a four mana from early on. It has the ability to un-tap anytime to cast a historic enchantment. This deck is all about artifacts, and you can also build it as a Voltron deck. Whichever way you choose to build it, you will find fun cards such as Unwinding Clock and All Is Dust.

Mono Color

  • Goreclaw, Terror of Qal Sisma

This represents the most fun the best Green has to offer. It is amazing because you can play big monsters with huge effects, assuming you want to play the biggest creatures in green. Some of the fun cards you can include in this deck include Soul of the Harvest, Heroic Intervention, and God-Eternal Rhonas.

Two Color

  • Xantcha, Sleeper Agent

This fun EDH deck uses the concept of social interaction as the primary game plan, which is pretty unique. Xantcha is just three-mana for a 5/5, making her quite easy to cast. If one of your opponent’s takes control of her, you can use deals and political alliances to remedy the situation. This brings out the fun aspect of social interaction in the game. Some fun cards you can include in the game are Curse of Opulence and Captive Audience.

To build a fun Commander deck that you and your friends will enjoy, consider starting with an original and fun commander. You need to understand, however, that fun can be quite subjective, but this post should give you some ideas.