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Diamond tools are impressive for grinding some of the toughest materials. However, frequent use will ultimately lead to wear and tears. As a result, you must properly maintain your tools if you want consistent results. Below are the top tips for keeping your grinder in top conditions and guarantee high performance.


Training before usage 

Take your time to read the manuals and watch some instructional videos before using a grinding disc. The same goes for every team member, as proper training can help everyone prevent costly mistakes that can damage your disc. For example, Know your surface. Diamond grinding discs are not built to handle every type of surface with the same ease. So, if your disc is not suitable for aggressive profiling, use it to remove only light and thin layers. 



Always inspect your discs before use. During the inspection, ensure that the disc is free of dust or any material that can affect the sound. Never use a cracked disc to ensure optimal safety and performance. More importantly, use diamond discs that fit. When you use fitted discs, you will reduce the risk of discs flying off and injuring someone. It also ensures a smooth operation. Therefore, inspect all parts of the wheel before you work. 


Choose the right diamond segment 

The type of material you are working on will determine your choice of the diamond segment. Other factors you will need to consider include the bond, grit, and shape of the diamond. Also, you need to consider the grinder weight as heavy units are more aggressive on the surface since the diamond disc is closer to the floor.



Store your wheels with care after use to protect them from elements that can cause wear and tear. Go through the manual to know the right temperature and best place to store your disc. In essence, don’t drop them carelessly after use. 

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